Why Choose Solar Energy for Your Business ?

The launch of the Feed in Tariff (FiT) in April 2010 has transformed the solar energy market. Generating your own energy is now a highly profitable venture and more and more people are installing Solar PV systems on their businesses and homes all over the country.

The fact that power companies as well as private companies are prepared to install these systems free of charge, allowing you to use the energy generated for free seems almost too good to be true. The reason they are able to do this is because the real money in a Solar PV system is the revenue generated by the Feed in Tariff.

The Feed in Tariff offers a 25 year index linked payment for all energy produced by the system, even for the energy that is used by the business or home it is installed on. So the savings made by receiving free energy is paltry when compared to the money these companies are paid by the feed in tariff.

Many businesses and savvy homeowners are opting to finance their own solar PV systems. When you crunch the numbers you will see a tax free return of between 9 % and 10 % a year, and there are not many places where businesses can put money and get a return like that tax free and underwritten by the UK government.

The questions we are often asked are – “Why is the government doing this?” “How on earth can they afford it?”

The simple answer is because they have to. The UK is facing an energy crisis in the coming decade, a large percentage of our power stations are closing down due to age or environmental treaties such as the Kyoto agreement. This is the much talked about "GENERATION GAP". The government in this country at the time faced a stark choice, make micro generation financially viable for businesses and home owners or face the possibility of huge fines for not meeting environmental targets and the very real possibility of rolling power cuts across the UK during the coming decade. One of the independent reports that persuaded the government to act on the "GENERATION GAP” and introduce the Feed in Tariff is here . It is a long read and will bore the majority to death, but for those of us involved in energy, it is a very interesting read.

A solar PV system will not only generate green energy for your business or home but it will also offer a very healthy tax free return, year on year for 25 years.

We are able to offer a complete end to end service for businesses and homeowners looking to benefit from green energy and the generous Feed in Tariff.

  • Feasibility check - We examine all important factors making sure it's a viable option for your business or home.
  • Survey and Design - Full site survey and design service , we pride ourselves on always designing the most cost effective systems
  • Funding solutions - Tax efficient finance options including lease and rental options
  • Installation - Our MCS accredited and certified installers have over 1,000 installations under their belts
  • Management - We can maintain the system to optimise its efficiency and manage the collection of the FIT tariff on your behalf.

For further information on a Solar PV system or for a free feasibility check call 0800 987 5505 or request a call back at a convenient time here.

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