80% of business energy customers do not know when their current contract expires !!!!

Bluemark Consultants Find the Best deals for Business Gas Contract renewal letters are issued by suppliers with a variety of contractual obligations, these letters often seem cleverly disguised not to look like a price increase notifications.

  • Protect your new contract prices for two years
  • Secure your electricity prices for 12 months and avoid future increases
  • Your contract review period
  • Price stability
  • Electricity renewal offer

Price increase letters are so successful that some suppliers retain up to 90% of customers !!

Most businesses do not recognise the ramifications of these letters from their suppliers. The letters do not say what the % increase is, how much more it will cost you, or what the increase will be to your direct debit. The price increases are sometimes hidden away on the back of the letter or on a different page.

The letters also refer to unit prices. Now we are sure that you do not keep what you pay per unit of electricity under your pillow, so when a letter drops on your desk saying “We’ll protect you, we’ve taken steps to protect you… your new guaranteed prices are printed overleaf”. Overleaf is just a unit rate of 14 pence – what does this mean to you?

What it means 99% of the time is a whoping increase on the price you pay for your energy !!!
Serving termination notice to your business energy supplier is the only way to avoid the rollover trap and ensure you have all options available when you reach your contract renewal window. This puts you in a position to receive a discounted renewal offer from your current supplier as well as the ability to compare alternative supplier's prices.

To avoid the " Roll Over Trap" you'll need all the important information about your current contract , you'll can either spend 20 minutes on the phone to your supplier getting this information or for ease of use and peace of mind authorise us to get this information on your behalf.

The way to authorise Bluemark Consultants to get this information on your behalf is by filling in our letter of authority. This letter does not allow us to agree to anything on your behalf , nor does it tie you to us in any way at all. It simply allows us to get the relevant information for you while complying with the data protection act. Once we have your contractual information we will inform you of all the relevant information including :

Bluemark Consultants have a robust and streamlined meter management system that prevents "Roll Overs" . Our system will flag up when your termination notice is due and when your renewal window opens. We will contact you at that point by your preferred method of contact ,and offer our services to help you find your business the best possible deal. Your are under no obligation to accept our recommendations and you will not be charged a fee for this service.