Guide to Small Print

Guide To the contract Small Print The big 6 energy suppliers in the UK are extremely large businesses with huge resources and big legal teams. The vast majority of businesses that buy their energy from them are small businesses with vastly smaller resources. So it is very much a case of small business buying from big business. If you sit down and read through any suppliers’ terms and conditions it is easy to see who is in the driving seat and it's not the small businesses.

Some suppliers’ terms and conditions have written in to them, in our opinion, some extremely unfair clauses. Nowhere is this fact more apparent than in the automatic renewal process. Anyone who has been automatically renewed will know how certain power companies ruthlessly apply this clause. Some suppliers will offer you a fixed price contract but buried away in the small print - they have the option to increase the price every year if the wholesale price increases or their costs increase. Others have clauses that will make the signatory personally or jointly responsible for any outstanding debt, even if the company is limited. We would advise to check the terms and conditions of any contract extremely carefully and to seek legal advice if you are unsure.

To put it bluntly, it can be a minefield. The average length of a suppliers’ terms and conditions is over 5,500 words. Bluemark Consultants can tell you what’s important in one sentence.