Get the best energy deal with Bluemark Consultants

Pick the right price at the right time...

  • Know exactly when your contract ends (to the day).
  • Make sure you have no debt with your current supplier.
  • Check your credit score - Many suppliers are reserving their best prices for low risk businesses.
  • Consolidate contracts - If you have more than one contract or site it will be beneficial to consolidate into one contract with a common end date.
  • Terminate your current contract either yourself or through your consultant.

When you are ready to start comparing offers make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve. Do not assume the cheapest price is the best deal for you, choosing the correct length of a contract is far more important. Anyone who took a one year contract in 2007 because it was the cheapest price was badly stung when they had to renew their contract in 2008. Many had increases of 70% and those who were persuaded by their energy company in 2008 to fix their prices for 3 years are now stuck on rates that are virtually double what they could get today.

Use an energy professional who understands the market and is privy to the industry data that is driving future prices.