80% of business energy customers do not know when their current contract expires !!!!

  • Up to 80% of business energy contracts automatically renew.
  • It is not the responsibility of the energy supplier to remind you that your energy contract is due for renewal.
  • The price of an automatic renewal contract can be double the price of a negotiated renewal.

To avoid being automatically renewed on uncompetitive prices, you'll need all the important information about your current contract. You can either spend 20 minutes on the phone to your suppliers call centre or for ease of use and peace of mind, authorise us to get this information on your behalf.

The way to authorise Bluemark Consultants to get this information on your behalf is by filling in our letter of authority. This letter does not allow us to agree to anything on your behalf , nor does it tie you to us in any way at all. It simply allows us to get the relevant information for you whilst complying with the Data Protection Act. Once we have your contractual information, we will inform you of all the relevant information including :

  • Contract end dates
  • Your meter numbers
  • Your annual consumption
  • When your renewal window opens

Bluemark Consultants have a robust and streamlined meter management system that will flag up when your termination notice is due and when your renewal window opens. We will contact you at that point, by your preferred method of contact, and offer our services to help you find your business the best possible deal.

You are under no obligation to accept our recommendations and you will not be charged a fee for this service.