Energy Monitoring

Real time monitoring of your energy and utilities will save you money, reduce your carbon emissions and help your meet your legal requirements. Typically, just monitoring and making minor adjustments brings down consumption, costs and emissions by 10%

There are a number of monitoring systems currently available on the market for business and the public sector. Most will offer the following benefits:

  • Real-time and historical trending of all energy and water data
  • Allocation of costs to specific loads or specific departments
  • Provides accurate budgeting forecasts
  • Predict future energy and water consumptions based on business variables
  • Load information (Historical and real-time)
  • Critical alarm reporting

Conventional utility monitoring systems only allow a customer to gain information on levels and patterns of consumption . As useful as this is, the customer must then find a way to actually cut the consumption. The MAC system not only provides the monitoring capabilities of these existing systems but it is also able to remotely control the building infrastructure. Lighting circuits, machinery, heating systems, refrigeration , computers banks and a whole host of other equipment can be controlled in real time and on a pre-scheduled basis.

The MAC system is designed and manufactured in south Wales , and has taken utility monitoring to a new level. Purchasers of the system are entitled to 100% ECA in the first year of acquisition. As a Carbon Trust Registered Supplier we are able to help our clients apply for 0% business loans to finance the systems , repayments being offset against savings in energy costs.

For further information on the MAC system please call 01202 682127