Energy Efficiency

Most businesses can make a real impact on energy consumption and become much more energy efficient with very little or no expense at all. Simple energy saving techniques can make a big difference not only to the environment but also to your energy costs. The cheapest unit of energy is the one you do not use ! .

We have prepared an energy efficiency guide for small business that can help you make a difference. In the guide is a large amount of help , advice and resources to help your business do its bit. Research has shown that by gaining a understanding of where energy is used and wasted in your business can help reduce your overall consumption by as much as 20%. So 1 in 5 £'s that you are currently spending on energy really is going up in smoke.

You can click on the link below to download our free energy advice guide for business Energy Efficiency Advice

Larger organisations may prefer to instruct us to carry out an in-depth energy efficiency audit on their behalf. This will help to identify the opportunities for improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.

For further information visit energy efficiency audits