Debt and Disconnection Advice

Debt and Disconnection Advice Unlike domestic consumers who enjoy some degree of protection against disconnection, suppliers are able to disconnect any of their business customers for non-payment of invoices.

The key benefit to micro business customers from the new legislation is the reduction of the automatic renewal length. All micro business contracts signed from 18th January 2010 can only be automatically renewed for a period of 12 months.

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills you should contact your supplier as soon as possible to arrange an alternative payment plan. It is essential that you do that as businesses can be disconnected for as little as three months of missed payments. Also once you have been disconnected you may face further fees to cover disconnection and reconnection costs as well as demands for the outstanding balance in full.

The way to avoid disconnection is to communicate with your supplier as much as possible and as soon as you start to experience difficulties. Be honest and ask for some breathing space, most suppliers will try and help if you contact them before the situation gets too bad.

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