Case Study 1

R K Furniture Ltd

R K Furniture is a furniture manufacturer in the north of England with over 12,000sq ft of manufacturing space plus administrative offices. We were instructed in 2009 to deal with all aspects of RK Furniture's energy contracts. Like many business customers, R K Furniture's energy contracts had been automatically renewed a number of times. The first thing we did was to ensure this did not happen again. We put in termination notices for all their sites, and at the end of the contract period, looked at finding them a new supplier as well as negotiating with their current supplier. At the end of this process we achieved savings of around 31% which equated to over £12,000.

We now manage all RK Furniture's energy contracts on a year on year basis and enjoy a very close working relationship. R K Furniture are now able to concentrate on what they do best, which is producing high quality furniture, safe in the knowledge that we at Bluemark are looking after the cost and management of their gas and electricity contracts

"We used to do our electricity sourcing in house, invariably missing some offers due to lack of knowledge and generally getting in a confused mess with paperwork. Since moving our business to Bluemark Consultants we have received the best offers and with the help of Simon, who has done invaluable work and put up with a lot of our confusion, we are now enjoying the benefit of these offers. Looking to the future, I wish Bluemark all the best and will look forward to working with the company again."

Larger organisations may prefer to instruct us to carry out an in-depth energy efficiency audit on their behalf. This will help to identify the opportunities for improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Louise Lamb
Office Manager R K Furniture

Bluemark have helped RK Furniture  reduce their energy costs

Case Study 2

Sibbett Gregory

Sibbet Gregory is a large commercial property agent, surveyors and town planners. They manage a large amount of commercial property across the south of the country as well as offering a consultancy service covering all aspects of development and town planning issues. We were originally contacted by their office manager to deal with a particularly troublesome gas contract. The supplier had automatically renewed the contract at the wrong time, applied the wrong rates to the invoices and seemed to be telling the customer it was their fault and nothing further could be done. After instruction from Sibbet Gregory, we collected all their invoices as well as the original contract. We were able to see straight away that the supplier had made a big mistake. We spoke to our senior broker contact at the supplier and after sending all our calculations and proof over and reminding them of their obligations under their licence agreement, they amended it on the spot. We now manage Sibbet Gregory's electricity and gas accounts on their behalf, making sure they are on the best possible prices and billed correctly.

" After struggling with our business electricity supplier for quite a number of months trying to sort a problem with our gas supply, Bluemark Consultants managed to help resolve the problem almost instantly and have also transferred our electricity supply to an alternative supplier, relieving me of all the stress of dealing with the utility companies direct "

Caroline Squire
Office Manager
Sibbet Gregory

Sibbet Gregory have helped RK Furniture  reduce their energy costs

Case Study 3

Uxbridge Conservative Club

In 2010 Bluemark were contacted by Uxbridge Conservative Club to look into the invoicing for their Gas & Electricity contracts with one of the big 6 suppliers. Georgina at the club had reached a “Brick wall” with her supplier account manager and felt she was being passed from “pillar to post” and constantly being "fobbed off". In desperation she decided to look for another solution to her problems and found the Bluemark website and called the 0800 number. We went through her issues over the phone and requested she send us all of her paperwork on the matter. We received a file an inch thick of invoices detailing overcharging going back over several years. After a lengthy study of these invoices we were able to prove consistent over-charging by the supplier and negotiated a substantial refund. We then took care of a transfer for both Gas and Electricity to new suppliers on much more favourable rates.

"Our previous supplier was supplying our Gas and Electric at what we felt was an overinflated rate. Their billing system was an absolute nightmare not understood by us, or them it would appear. We were also confident they overcharged us on a number of occasions. Simon Loyne at Bluemark stepped in and helped to negotiate a closing rate with them, which was not easy and found two new Suppliers for us at a much more competitive rate. We have been with our new Suppliers for some time now and are more than happy with the service they provide. Bluemark were invaluable to us and we very much appreciated their co-operation, patience, efficiency and professionalism."

Georgina Baile
Club Co-ordinator
Uxbridge & District Conservative Club

Case Study 4

The Pottery Hotel

The Pottery Hotel is a small family run pub and hotel in Poole, Dorset. They contacted us because they were having major billing issues with their electricity supplier. Due to these problems the monthly direct debit had increased to £1700 a month. This amount of money being taken every month was having a massive impact on what is a small family run hotel. After analysing the invoices and collecting daily meter reads we soon discovered the problem. Firstly, the customer was on very uncompetitive rates, secondly, the meter readings the supplier was using were" inverted". Which meant the meter was being read the wrong way round. The first thing we did was change the hotels’ electricity supplier. The monthly direct debit was instantly reduced to £550 a month. We then went back over the previous year's invoices and identified over £3,000 worth of overbilling due to the "inverted" meter readings. The supplier was reluctant to reimburse our customer, even though we had proved they had made a massive error on the invoicing. We wrote a strong letter to the supplier threatening legal action should our client not receive a full and immediate refund. Within seven days the hotel received cheque for £3179.

"Our electricity bill was £1800 per month. Bluemark got involved and the bill was knocked down to £700 per month. We are changing electricity suppliers next month and the bill is estimated to be £550 per month. Bluemark also noticed they were reading the meter back to front and we have (finally) received a rebate of over £3000 from our old supplier. Good work Bluemark!"

Mr C. Matthews
The Pottery Hotel