What is the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC)?

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is the UK's mandatory climate change and energy saving scheme. The scheme is central to the UK’s strategy for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as set out in the Climate Change Act 2008.

The scheme, which started in April 2010, is so far only going to be rolled out to larger organisations in the UK. The aim of the initiative is to reduce the impact of climate change and to help the government reach its national targets for cutting greenhouse emissions – about 25% on 1990 levels by 2020, and 80% by 2050 by encouraging better energy efficiency. The government estimates that ‘the benefit to participants will be around £1 billion by 2020 . The performance of these companies will be monitored and ranked accordingly in a ‘league table’. Their position on the table will result in possible bonuses or penalties being paid.

All the money generated through the allowances will be recycled back to participants, according to how well they perform. The scheme features an annual performance league table that ranks participants on energy efficiency performance. Together with the financial and reputational considerations, the scheme encourages organisations to develop more effective energy management strategies that promote a better understanding of energy usage.

You fall under the scheme if: a) your company has at least one compulsory half hourly electricity meter (HHM), or b) your company has a total HHM electricity consumption across all sites of at least 6,000 megawatt hours per year.

How can Bluemark help?

The cost of carbon allowances for the period 2010 – 2013 will make up approximately 8% - 10% of the annual energy bill.

Therefore, by implementing energy efficiency measures and minimising carbon emissions, organisations can take advantage of significant financial benefits.

Bluemark can offer a complete solution, our services range from help with compliance to a fully outsourced CRC solution. This solution includes monitoring of energy usage , management of consumption data, maintaining your evidence pack , legal compliance and any CRC reporting obligations. Additional services may include energy efficiency audits and project implementation to reduce your consumption.

We are dedicated to achieving CRC compliance for our clients, enabling them to take full advantage of the financial gains that will be available.