Frackman's accidental activist: 'There's blood in the water and I'm the shark'

His house has been broken into, his emails get hacked, but unlikely documentary hero Dayne Praztky isn’t stopping his fight against fracking any time soon

Josh Fox’s 2010 anti-fracking exposé GasLand has one jaw-dropping moment, the kind of gasp-inducing money shot that singlehandedly sold it as a must-see documentary. Investigating the effects of coal seam gas exploration on land around his property in rural Pennsylvania, the first-time film-maker visits a neighbour who promises to show him something shocking.

Stuck to the wall above the kitchen sink is a piece of paper with a handwritten warning reading: “Do Not Drink This Water.” To demonstrate why, the neighbour puts a cigarette lighter directly underneath the tap and turns it on. What we see next beggars belief: the water has become so contaminated it erupts into a gigantic fireball.

I know I am being monitored, but you know what? That feeds the fire even more

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